MLO-01 - CrossFit

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Course Description

Fundamentals of CrossFit

This section gives participants a brief overview of the CrossFit sport. The principal characteristics of CrossFit will be reviewed. Functional movements that are commonly performed by CrossFit athletes will be defined. Foundational movements will be emphasized throughout the course. These movements will be simultaneously described and demonstrated in detail to give participants an understanding of exercise technique and associated demands on various regions of the body. Additional CrossFit movements will be briefly summarized. Upon completing the course, participants should have adequate knowledge to understand potential injury mechanisms and rehabilitation goals for CrossFit athletes with musculoskeletal injuries.

Treatment of the CrossFit Athlete (Part 1 and 2)

This section uses knowledge of the foundational movements performed by CrossFit athletes to describe evaluation and treatment principles that can effectively be applied to this population of patients. Assessment and evaluation principles that consider critical points of performance and common movement faults will be described for each foundational movement. Potential causes of dysfunction will be reviewed for each foundational movement. Impairment-based intervention techniques will be described and demonstrated. Additionally, technique modifications will be described and demonstrated to allow athletes with injuries and physical impairments to continue safe participation in CrossFit.

Course Overview

Course Format: Online


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Course Objectives

Fundamentals of CrossFit

  1. Understand the unique components that make up the sport of CrossFit.
  2. Review basic CrossFit movements.
  3. Understand the best technique needed for efficient functional movements.
  4. Recognize how the foundational movements can be expanded into other facets.

Treatment of the CrossFit Athlete (Part 1 and 2)

  1. Review foundational movements of CrossFit.
  2. Review common movement pattern faults and discuss treatment strategies for these faults.
  3. Discuss modifications for movements.

Topics and Authors

  • Airelle Hunter-Giordano, PT, DPT
  • Frank Hoeffner, PT, DPT
  • Paul Eckrich, PT, DPT, MS