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The purpose of the FASIG shall be to provide a forum where individuals having a common interest in physical therapy for the foot and ankle may meet, confer, and promote patient are through education, clinical practice, and research.


  • Foster physical therapy management of foot and ankle disorders based upon scientific foundation and evidence.
  • Provide a forum for the discussion of the management of foot and ankle disorders among physical therapists from the Orthopaedic Section as well as other APTA sections.
  • Initiate and maintain an on-going dialogue among members to provide:
    • standards for entry-level physical therapy education programs in regard to the management of foot and ankle disorders, and
    • standards for measurement protocols as well as terminology relative to the examination procedures for the foot and ankle.
  • Provide a forum for interaction with other health care professionals who treat foot and ankle disorders.
  • Provide a network for enhancing communication between clinicians, academicians, and researchers in the physical therapy community interested in the management of foot and ankle disorders.


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