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Satuday General Session Details

Each day will begin with a General Session before our concurrent Breakout Sessions begin.  The topics shown below will all be addressed during Saturday's General Session.

Saturday, April 6, 2019:  
7:45 AM - 10:30 AM

General Session Titles:
  • Performance Enhancement Using Blood Flow Restriction Training: From Athletes to Older Adults with Sarcopenia
    • Speaker: Johnny Owens, MPT
    • Key topics addressed:
      • History of Blood Flow Restriction
      • Review of BFR Mechanisms
      • Results of BFR in ACL, Sarcopenia, Total Knee and Total Hip Where is it going?
      • Review of Clinical Safety Considerations and Contraindications
      • Tourniquet Fitting and Application on the Limb
      • Determining LOP and Personalized Tourniquet Pressures (PTP)
      • Exercise Prescription, Load and Volume Considerations
      • Hypoxia without Exercise: Ischemic Pre-conditioning (IPC) and Cell Swelling
      • Case Studies and Clinical Progression
  • Challenges, Clinical Reasoning, and Innovations in Total Knee Arthroplasty
    • Speaker: Michael Bade, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS, FAAOMPT
    • ​Key topics addressed:
      • Current challenges in total knee arthroplasty rehabilitation with a focus on lack of evidence to support and large practice variability
      • Key impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions following TKA
      • Key evidence-based strategies for addressing each with a focus on using prognostic tools to aid in clinical decision making
      • Identifying and managing the stiff patient
      • Dosage and timing considerations with NMES and PRE
      • Importance of movement pattern retraining for long term function and secondary prevention of contralateral TKA
      • Impact of swelling on recovery and management strategies
  • The Older Adult How to Guide for Mobility Assessment and Advanced Clinical Decision Making
    • ​Speaker: Jennifer S. Brach, PT, PhD
    • Key topics addressed:
      • Epidemiology of mobility problems in aging
      • The importance of measuring mobility (why you should measure it)
      • Key issues to consider when selecting a measure such as, appropriateness to target population, practicality of administration, and psychometric properties 
      • Differentiating between self-report and performance-based measures
      • Review of key measures and how to choose which one to use for your intended purpose
      • Integrating measures of mobility into clinical practice and their use in clinical decision making
      • Caveats of wearable technology to assess physical activity (what not to wear!)
  • Task-oriented motor learning approach to walking: from athletes to older adults the aim is expert movers
    • ​Speaker: Jessie VanSwearingen, PhD, PT, FAPTA
    • Key topics addressed:  
      • • Walking problems of older adults - a loss of expertise in the motor skill of walking 
      • Walking is a well-learned behavior highlighted by efficiency and automaticity
      • The neural control of walking is fundamental to the integration of stepping with postures and phases of gait for smooth translation overground
      • Age-related timing issues disrupt the coordination of walking with the intended behavior – a loss of the motor skill of walking  

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