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Friday General Session Details

Each day began with a General Session before our concurrent Breakout Sessions begin.  The topics shown below will all be addressed during Friday's General Session.

Friday, April 5, 2019:  
7:45 AM - 10:30 AM

General Session Titles:
  • Role of the Physical Therapist in Targeting Risk of ACL Injury
    • Speaker:  Kevin R. Ford, PhD, FACSM
    • Key topics addressed:
      • Primary ACL Injury Risk in young athletes
      • Stages of growth, development and maturation and influence on ACL injury
      • Movement Assessment and Screening Risk
      • Application of assessment in varied settings: clinic, field, sport specific venues
      • Hands on Screening and movement assessment training • Guidance on the interpretation of data collected for implementation in a training program • Rehabilitation progressions for movement pattern retraining ​
  • Population Specific ACL Injury Prevention and Dosing
    • Speaker:  Jeffrey Taylor PT, PhD, DPT, OCS, SCS, CSCS
    • ​Key topics addressed:
      • Primary Prevention Research
      • Components of successful primary prevention program
      • Effectiveness of prevention and influencing factors
      • Facilitating field based primary prevention
      • How to incorporate sports specific principles to primary prevention 
      • Age appropriate primary prevention
      • Wearable technology and dosing in prevention and rehabilitation
  • From the Clinic to the Field: Maximizing Functional Recovery after ACL Reconstruction
    • ​Speaker: Laura C Schmitt PT, MPT, PhD
    • Key topics addressed:
      • Return to play and physical activity outcomes after ACL reconstruction
      • The impact of early and persistent deficits on functional recovery
      • The role of psychosocial factors on functional recovery and outcome
      • Objective-based decision-making for plan of care progression including strength, patient-reported, performance-based, and quality of movement testing 
      • Primary domains of return to play/discharge decision-making
      • Rehabilitation considerations throughout the plan of care to maximize functional recovery
  • ACL injury begins with “A” and ends with “OA:” potential to change the outcome begins with you
    • ​Speaker:  Laura C Schmitt PT, MPT, PhD
    • Key topics addressed:  
      • Long-term outcomes after ACL reconstruction
      • Role of imaging in understanding cartilage changes
      • Systemic and local factors involved in the development of post-traumatic knee osteoarthritis
      • Early, modifiable factors involved in cartilage degeneration after ACL reconstruction, including associations with strength and altered movement
  • Prevention of 2nd ACL injury in your current rehabilitation episode of care: Are we doing enough?
    • Speaker: Mark V. Paterno PT, PhD, MBA, SCS, ATC
    • Key topics addressed: 
      • The mechanism and predictors of 2nd ACL injury
      • The role of a national registry to identify risk
      • Options for prevention of 2nd ACL injury
      • Early and End Stage rehabilitation specific considerations for treatment design and implementation
      • The role of foundational deficits such as quadriceps recovery and functional training with matched treatment recommendations in early phase rehabilitation to avoid these pitfalls
      • Advanced technique training progressions and care plan recommendations for end stage rehabilitation after ACL injury
      • Enhancing functional performance with movement symmetry evaluation and matched treatment progressions

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