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What did you miss in Denver?

Participants who joined us for the 2019 Annual Orthopaedic Meeting had the opportunity to enhance their skills in treating patients of all ages as the theme of "Performance Enhancement Across the Lifespan" was continuously reinforced. During the first day of programming recent advancements in ACL injury prevention and treatment were discussed. Emphasis was placed on targeting risk, intervention dosing, functional progression, and secondary osteoarthritis considerations. Breakout sessions gave participants the opportunity to explore clinical application and the potential to leverage consumer-level technology to achieve improved outcomes.

The second day of programming began with a discussion of blood flow restriction therapy. Current utilization trends were discussed along with a look into the potential for future applications for conditions that span the entire lifespan. The discussion progressed to cover crucial topics pertinent to our aging population: optimizing clinical outcomes for individuals undergoing total knee arthroplasty and addressing mobility issues. Breakout sessions gave participants the opportunity to learn and apply advanced manual therapy techniques for patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty and interact with a team of nationally-recognized experts in geriatric mobility.

Program Objectives

At the end of this meeting, the Physical Therapist, Resident, Fellow, DPT student, and PhD student were able to:

  1. Apply progressions on balance, plyometric and strengthening exercises in a comprehensive off-season ACL injury prevention program.
  2. Facilitate a field-based (or court-based) primary ACL injury prevention program.
  3. Perform clinic-friendly assessments of strength, function, and quality of movement and interpret findings to inform clinical practice.
  4. Identify interventions to address high risk movement pattern asymmetries present after ACL reconstruction
  5. Gain insight into the prescription and clinical utilization of Blood Flow Restriction
  6. Describe the benefits of manual therapy and unique considerations when approaching an artificial joint
  7. Identify appropriate measures of mobility for individual cases taking into consideration key issues of purpose, practicality and psychometric properties. 
  8. Understand and implement stepping tasks and walking patterns to facilitate motor skill and efficiency of walking, to include criteria for dose and progression 
  9. Generate and explore task-oriented motor learning tasks and activities relative to specific problems of walking, settings or groups of older adults; discuss opportunities to expand the motor skill of walking exercise into clinical and daily life practice

Watch for details to come on the 2020 AOM!

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