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The Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy published its first independent study course in 1991 and have been offering courses yearly since that time. The Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy takes great pride in producing peer-reviewed courses that provide registrants with current and evidence-based clinical information in a convenient self-paced study format. This "Instructions to Authors" document will allow you to prepare your monograph in a manner that will conform to our specific requirements. Not only will preparing the monograph according to our instructions expedite the publication process for us, but it will also save you many unnecessary hours of revisions.

Instructions for Authors” is organized topically; the Table of Contents will direct you to the information you need. Please note that we use the American Medical Association (AMA) style, 10th ed. This format may be different from styles you have used in the past so please review this section carefully.

Our goal is to produce independent study courses of the highest quality. Whether you are an experienced author or a novice, adhering to the “Instructions for Authors” will enable you to complete this goal successfully with confidence.


  • I have a topic idea, whom do I contact?

    Contact the Managing Editor at the Section office (800/444-3982 ext 2020 or

  • I feel qualified to be an author based on my expertise. How can I get considered?

    Send your CV to the Managing Editor at the Section office.

  • Can I get CEUs for writing a course?

    Yes, as an author you can take the final exam and after passing with a 70% or higher, contact hours can be earned.

  • Do authors receive an honorarium?

    Yes, upon successful completion authors are paid $1,500 and up to $500 in expenses.

  • Can you tell me about the ISC process? How much time does it take?

    The ISC process begins with the willingness to write, then signing documents, followed by submitting an outline and expanded outline. Once a monograph is received and reviewed by the Editorial team, it is sent back to the author for content revisions. The 2nd draft is reviewed and copyedited. The file is then returned to the author for completion of the remaining revisions. At PDF or “proof stage,” the author is asked to review the work one last time before printing. This is not time for major revisions.

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