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Payment Consortium Collaboration with PPS

Payment Consortium Collaboration with PPS

Dear Member,

APTA Private Practice and the Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy (AOPT) are excited to announce they have joined forces in forming a Payment Consortium. This collaboration will focus on developing, implementing and scaling strategies that will increase payment and reduce administrative burden for physical therapists.

“Ensuring all of our communities receive the care they deserve is the desired impact of this initiative. High quality, convenient care for every person should be an expectation not the exception. This requires that we remove the arbitrary barriers restricting patient access as well as advocate for payment that will make serving everyone in every community sustainable,” said Mike Horsfield APTA Private Practice President.

The new Payment Consortium Committee will consist of an equal number of payment and policy experts along with Committee Chairs from both organizations. It’s dually appointed Chair will be supported by Senior Policy Consultant Robert Hall and the Executive Directors of both organizations. This Committee will be responsible for identifying priorities and creating strategies that can be executed through existing Committees both organizations have dedicated to these important issues.

“We are so excited to work with APTA Private Practice in this space”, says Bob Rowe, President of AOPT. “Many of the biggest issues facing our Members (burn out, student debt, etc.) can be traced back to payment and administrative burden. Leveraging the strengths of our two components while working in sync with APTA will allow us to learn faster and magnify our collective impact for all of our Members.”

The AOPT participation in this Consortium demonstrates the Board’s commitment to address our members concerns and assist them with improving their ability to practice in the manner in which they were trained! The AOPT Board will continue to defend our members with the continuous retrospective battles that must be fought. However, within this Consortium we will begin to proactively and strategically go on “offense” to develop initiatives that support our member’s ability to receive reasonable payment with decreased administrative burden while managing the patients they serve.

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