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Official AOPT Response to Medicare

Official AOPT Response to Medicare

On August 31, 2022, AOPT President, Bob Rowe, submitted a response to a Request for Information by Medicare Advantage on behalf of the AOPT members. Within the response there were several key points made that included:

  • There is a significant lack of focus on health equity within the US health system and physical therapists can improve health equity.
  • Administrative burden magnifies health inequity and the Medicare Advantage plans add to the administrative burden via there processes.
  • We believe that one way to improve health equity is to ban prior authorizations of Medicare Advantage Plans.
  • In addition, we believe that administrative burden could be decreased through uniform data standards.

Although this is the first time the AOPT has submitted a letter of this type to a payer, it will not be the last. In fact, going forward, this will be the beginning of an extremely proactive and strategic agenda that the AOPT will be taking with regards to advocating for improved payment policy and decreased administrative burden on behalf of the AOPT membership. Please click here to view the letter in it’s entirety.

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