The Jackson Clinics Orthopedic Residency

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The Jackson Clinics Orthopedic Residency was one of the first Orthopedic Physical Therapy residencies to be nationally-recognized and accredited. Our mission is to improve the standard of clinic practice through education. We seek to provide our participants with a comprehensive model that integrates the latest evidence with hands-on training that has been shown to consistently deliver better clinical outcomes.

  • Program application deadline: 9/8/2024
  • Program start date: 1/3/2025
  • Program duration: 15 months
  • Number of resident/fellow openings per cohort: 10
  • Tuition cost: None

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Main Contact 

Ben Keeton
(540) 687-8181

  • Is there a salary or stipend? Yes: Full salary.
  • Are there benefits? Yes: Full benefits.
  • Is there housing assistance? No.

  • Clinical site information: 
  • Clinical mentorship information:
    • 150 hours total, ~5 hours per week
  • What is a distinguishing feature or selling point of your program?
    • We have a unique company-wide residency culture, with 8x the national average for residency trained providers on full-time staff, and 10x the national average of board certified providers. Our volume of current residents, residency alumni, and faculty are truly unique as a private practice on our scale. In addition to our orthopedic residency, we have a sports residency, upper extremity athlete fellowship program, and the first foot/ankle fellowship program in the United States.
  • Is there the ability to work with a specialized population(s)?
    • Yes: pediatrics, sports teams, TMJ, pelvic/women's health.

Faculty Spotlight

Spotlighted Faculty:


  • Name: Mike Kecman PT, DPT, OCS
  • Background Education and Experience:
    "I received my undergraduate degree in Biological Anthropology and Anatomy from Duke University and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from The George Washington University, where I was a member of the National Alpha Eta Honor Society. For the past 14 years, I have worked in outpatient orthopedics with a variety of non-operative and post-operative conditions. In 2013, I completed The Jackson Clinics Orthopedic Residency and became a board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. Since completing the Jackson Clinics Upper Extremity Fellowship in 2015, my case load has increased emphasis on the upper extremity, particularly the shoulder. I have been a member of the American Society of Shoulder and Elbow Therapists (ASSET) since 2019."
  • What is your role within the program?
    "I am a faculty member in The Jackson Clinics Upper Extremity Athlete Fellowship, the Orthopedic Residency and the Sports Residency, where I participate in onsite mentoring with residents and fellows. I have helped lead psychomotor skills checks and Grand Rounds for case discussion with the residents. I am a lead instructor for the residency level continuing education courses, Movement Systems of the Shoulder and Evaluation and Manual Therapy of the shoulder."
  • What separates this program from others like it?
    "I believe what sets The Jackson Clinics’ Residencies and Fellowships apart from the others is the combination of didactic material with in-depth mentoring from highly trained physical therapists and physicians. The Upper Extremity Athlete Fellowship has extensive mentoring with several upper extremity specialist surgeons in the region. The combination of time spent mentoring in the clinic and the operating room with these surgeons provides a greater insight to their decision making regarding non-operative and post-operative care that cannot be fully learned from a textbook." 
  • Why do you think advanced orthopedic training through residency and fellowship is important?
    "I believe advanced training through residencies and fellowships is essential to the growth of our profession. In the age of social media, where anyone can have a wide reach and be an expert, we need to use our extensive training and knowledge to set us apart. Additionally, as Direct Access grows it becomes even more important that we can provide safe and effective care to our patients to lower downstream costs and prove to insurance companies and the public that physical therapy should be the initial course of action for many orthopedic conditions."
  • Please share a little-known, fun fact that others may be surprised to learn about you.
    "I was a collegiate wrestler at Duke University. Let’s Go Duke!!!"

Spotlighted Resident: 


  • Name: Madalyn Lagos, PT, DPT
  • Background Education
    "I received my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in May 2021. Additionally, I have completed Herman and Wallace Level 1 and 2A courses to specialize in pelvic health therapy."
  • What type of population are you working with at your program?
    "My focus is treating individuals with orthopedic and pelvic floor conditions. A significant portion of my patients seek help for pelvic girdle and low back dysfunction, as well as assistance in regaining their pre-pregnancy functional levels."
  • Why did you select this program?
    "During physical therapy school, I had one of my final clinical rotations at The Jackson Clinics. There, I had the privilege of working alongside two orthopedic-certified specialists and pelvic floor experts, both of whom were alumni of the residency program. The expertise, precision, and knowledge I witnessed were unparalleled compared to other clinical experiences. This inspired me to join a company that was passionate about excellence and continuing education, and to pursue the residency to deepen my orthopedic knowledge."
  • Why did you pursue advanced orthopedic training through residency/fellowship?
    "The primary motivation behind seeking advanced orthopedic training was to elevate my clinical skills. My goal was to specialize further, aiming to deliver the highest quality of care to my patients based on the latest evidence. Additionally, I sought exposure to new avenues for ongoing education, leadership responsibilities, and overall professional growth."
  • How do you think residency/fellowship will change your career trajectory going forward?
    "Embarking on an orthopedic residency is a pivotal step in my professional journey and I believe it will change the trajectory of my career in several ways. First, the intensive training and hands-on experience offered through the residency have enhanced my clinical skills and expertise. I have had the unique opportunity to refine my evaluation and treatment skills through 1 on 1 mentoring sessions and in-person continuing education courses. The residency has provided me with invaluable mentorship from some of the most experienced clinicians in the field. Through this exposure, I have vastly improved my clinical reasoning skills which has ultimately enhanced my proficiency as a clinician."
  • Please share a little-known, fun fact that others may be surprised to learn about you.
    "In my spare time, I enjoy visiting national and state parks across the country. My favorite and most challenging hike so far was Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park."