PASIG Practice Pearls Podcasts

PASIG Practice Pearls Podcasts


Hear directly from PASIG members as they share their clinical pearls and wise words of wisdom in the new PASIG Practice Pearls Podcast. Check these out!

  • Podcast #5:
    • Part I
      Dr. Patti Cavaleri, PT, DPT; Dr. Sarah Edery-Altas, PT, DPT; Mark Hunter-Hall, PT, MPT, CSCS; Tiffany Marulli, PT, DPT, PhD; Dr. Claire Plummer Such, PT, DPT
    • Part II
       Laurel Daniels Abbruzzese, PT, EdD, FNAP
  • Podcast #4
    Isabella Scangamor, PT, DPT; (Mary) Claire Plummer Such, PT, DPT, ATC/L
  • Podcast #3
     Sarah Plumer-Holzman, PT, DPT, OCS & Patti Cavaleri, PT, DPT, OCS
  • Podcast #2
    Dawn Muci, PT, DPT, ATC
  • Podcast #1
    Laura A. Schmitt, PT, DPT, ATC