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ORF-SIG Poster Award

A strategic goal of the Orthopaedic Residency and Fellowship Special Interest Group is to facilitate the publication of research in residency and fellowship post professional education. In order to highlight resident and fellow scholarly work, the ORF-SIG is seeking abstract submissions for the poster session at APTA’s Annual Combined Sections Meeting (CSM). The poster sessions will be evaluated using a scoring rubric. Two posters will be selected and showcased in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Practice magazine. Following publication, winners will receive a $250 award when recognized the following year at ORF-SIG Business meeting held at CSM. The format for each submission should follow the abstract guidelines published by the American Physical Therapy Association for the Combined Sections Meeting. Abstract content should include clear, concise description of the project and outcomes and can include can include a case report description, research report, or unique residency / fellowship project (i.e. community outreach).

Deadline for submission: January 31.

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The Purpose of the Award is to:

  1. Highlight innovative, timely, and/or unique elements in residency or fellowship education, practice or research.
  2. Provide an avenue for residents and fellows to showcase their scholarly projects
  3. Encourage best practices, with respect to Physical Therapy evaluation, diagnosis, treatment planning, and outcome assessment.


  1. Members and student members of the ORF-SIG
  2. Abstracts should reflect current standards of orthopaedic practice.
  3. Study type may include prospective or retrospective designs
  4. Any work that has been presented at a national/international conference or has previously been accepted for publication/published is excluded.

Submissions may be made by members of the Orthopaedic Residency and Fellowship Special Interest Group and are not limited to only current Residents / Fellows.

A committee will evaluate the nominees by the following criteria:

  1. Clearly stated questions or hypothesis provided
  2. Well-explained rationale/justification for the study
  3. Gap in knowledge identified with succinct literature review
  4. Methods are clearly described and appropriate for the question
  5. Conclusion/Discussion addresses study’s question and supported by results
  6. Clinical relevance is addressed
  7. Presentation of Poster or Platform is clear, succinct, and professional  

Scoring Rubric

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