Clinical Pearls

Clinical Pearls

Clinical pearls reflect succinct, clinically relevant information drawn from therapist experience that can benefit patient care, but may not be found in the medical literature. These clinical pearls have been submitted by Pain SIG members with the intention to support you in your efforts to bring the highest quality care to your patients.


  • October: Changing Belief Systems via Therapeutic Movement Treatments


  • June: Participating in Positive Activities and Cultivating Positive Emotional States
  • April: Restoring Locus of Control through Shared Decision Making
  • February: Relationship-Centered Communication


  • December: Coaching the Worrywart
  • October: Talking about Pain Using Analogies and Metaphors 
  • August: Model for Making Treatment Decisions
  • June: Breathing, Relaxation and Mindfulness Meditation
  • April: Identifying and Classifying Pain Mechanisms
  • February: Sleep


  • October:  Pain Education
  • August:  The Therapeutic Alliance
  • June:  Neuroplasticity