Payment & Value

Payment & Value

The AOPT has developed a Payment and Value Workgroup to achieve the AOPT's Strategic Goal of "Enhancing payment for services by demonstrating the value of physical therapy". This group is working within AOPT and with other groups including APTA and Private Practice Section to produce, implement, and share resources aimed at improving Member's ability to fight for improved payment.

Payment Consortium Updates From Bob Hall

Advocacy 101: Fighting for Fair Payment in Your PT Practice!

Insurance Negotiation Tips Every Physical Therapist Should Know


Webinar: Fighting for Your Patients: Best Practices to Reverse Insurance Coverage and Payment Denials

Sponsored by the AOPT and Private Practice Section, APTA

How often have your patients been denied coverage for medically necessary physical therapy services? Patients frequently do not know the extent of their rights to appeal denials and can be vulnerable to unreasonable limits on their care imposed by payers. As their advocate, it commonly falls to physical therapists or back office staff to push back against coverage denials. As utilization management groups like AIM spread, learn the rights you have to advocate for your patients to get the care they need, and for you to be paid for providing that care. View this webinare recording below.


Survey Results

A survey was recently sent out, asking for feedback on demographics, payment issues, ranking of most-important payment resources, and a number of other topics. Click here to access the results of this survey.