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Wilderness Medicine Physical Therapy Educational Interest Group Support Needed from the Membership

Dear fellow members,

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A distinguished and talented group of AOPT members are extremely interested and are working diligently in the formation of an educational interest group (EIG) for sharing interests and expertise with the goal of developing a specialty practice in Wilderness Medicine Physical Therapy. With the noticeable proliferation in back country activities across the lifespan and capabilities of society, there is an emerging need for providing various roles within wilderness medicine. Physical therapists have adaptable and meaningful on-board skills and qualifications that are highly relevant in providing necessary wilderness medicine services in the backcountry. Such services include not only sharing expertise within the triage and rescue elements of wilderness medicine but also the search components including the handling of related biopsychosocial challenges. With increasing climate change there is also an increase in demands for injury management and prevention for those mitigating elements of disaster such as frontline firefighters. This evolving area of practice is one in which physical therapists should thrive, from an appreciation for their expertise, leadership and value within inter-professional collaborative service models that work to meet those needs of society. https://www.apta.org/apta-magazine/2021/04/01/the-emerging-role-of-physical-therapists-in-wilderness-medicine

To become a special interest group, it requires 100 signatures of active and/or affiliate members of AOPT in supporting this EIG.

Supporting this EIG does not require that you participate or plan to participate, only that you support its development to enable those members with interest to move forward in serving AOPT and society within this capacity. Therefore, whether you plan to participate or not, if you support this EIG, please consider reading the information provided in the following link and signing the petition. Thank you.

Click here to access the petition


Paul F. Beattie PhD, PT, OCS, FAPTA, NREMT

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