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Full Curriculum Package Course Details

There are TWO options offered with the Full Curriculum Package.
The following courses are provided in the AOPT residency curriculum package, "OPTION A":

The second option, "OPTION B", includes the courses listed above, with the addition of the following 2 courses:


  • OPTION A (6 courses shown in first list),: $400.00
  • OPTION B (all 8 courses shown in both lists): $500.00

Directors, faculty members, and residents MUST be a current AOPT member in order to register for the AOPT's residency curriculum package/courses.

There is one fee (one-time cost) for the program Director and/or any faculty member(s) of $400.00 for Option A, and $500.00 for Option B.  EACH resident will be required to pay $400.00/$500.00 for the applicable curriculum package. This registration fee must be submitted before the course materials are provided. Each new resident must purchase a copy of their own curriculum package. Failure to purchase separate copies is considered copyright infringement.

The price includes exams, without answers, and is provided only to the Director/faculty.

Curriculum Package Order form:

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