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AOPT Residency Curriculum

The Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy offers a didactic curriculum package including regularly updated and expanded learning modules with learning objectives.

  • A foundational didactic curriculum for newly developing residency program
  • A didactic supplement to already established residency programs
  • Didactic courses for support of developing and/or established Fellowships programs
  • Final examination questions to assess comprehension of course material 

How it Works

The residency/fellowship curriculum package and individual courses are available to residents/fellows and directors currently in an accredited, candidacy or developing residency or fellowship program in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy and/or a related fellowship field. Individuals (Residents/Fellows or Residency/Fellowship Directors) purchasing the residency curriculum package or individual course option must be current AOPT members. CEUs are not offered for curriculum Directors, faculty, or residents.

The residency or fellowship director will provide a list of current residents or fellows by completing and submitting the Full Curriculum Package order form. The information provided must include a residency or fellowship curriculum schedule and resident/fellow contract or appointment letter to the AOPT office. Once the form and pertinent information is received by the AOPT office, the resident/fellow or program director may purchase the curriculum materials.

Course exams are provided to program Directors/faculty. Residents/fellows will complete the tests upon recommendation from residency/fellowship Director/faculty.

  • The Director and residents will receive instructions to guide them through taking final exams and explain how to access their transcript. After completing a final exam, residents will be able to see questions answered correctly/incorrectly, as well as see their score/percentage.
  • Criteria for “passing” each test is determined by the residency/fellowship program Director. If residents/fellows do not meet the criteria for passing established by their residency/fellowship Director, they have the opportunity to retake the exam up to 2 additional times. The residency/fellowship Director must contact the AOPT office to make this request. There is no fee for retaking exams. The residency/fellowship program director determines the period of time in which the retake must be completed. Retake exams must be submitted to the AOPT office for scoring.
  • No contact hours are earned for successful completion of the residency curriculum courses.

Purchase Options:

The curriculum was designed to create or supplement the foundation for your residency program, and is available in two different options:

Curriculum Order forms:




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