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DPT Educational Resources

The Pain Management SIG aims to provide resources for educators involved in entry-level physical therapy education. The tools linked below are designed to assist educators formatting curricula and course content appropriate for physical therapy students.

Hoeger Bement MK, St Marie BJ, Nordstrom, et al. An interprofessional consensus of core competencies for prelicensure education in pain management: curriculum application for physical therapy. Phys Ther. 2014;94(4):451-65

Core Competencies for Pain Management: Results of an Interprofessional Consensus Summit

Fishman SM, Young HM, Lucas Arwood E, et al. Core competencies for pain management: results of an interprofessional consensus summit. Pain Med. 2013;14(7):971-81

PMSIG members who are also members of the International Association for the Study of Pain can access the IASP Curriculum Outline on Pain for Physical Therapy at: https://www.iasp-pain.org/Education/CurriculumDetail.aspx?ItemNumber=2055

The PMSIG Board is reaching out to the IASP with a request to have this curriculum posted on our website and available to all PMSIG members.

Members are encouraged to submit additional resources not listed above to PMSIG Practice Chair Craig Wassinger at: WASSINGER@mail.etsu.edu

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