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Pain Management SIG

Welcome to the Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy, Pain Management Special Interest Group's website! The Pain Management Special Interest Group (PMSIG) strives to promote pain education, treatment and research by physical therapy professionals.

The PMSIG serves its members by:

  • Promoting the role of physical therapists in the care of people in pain
  • Identifying, sharing and promoting evidence-based standards and best practice guidelines for pain treatment
  • Providing opportunities for professional development and continuing education
  • Being a resource for current research in the field of pain
  • Facilitating positive relationships and networking between the PMSIG and other SIGs, Section members, other physical therapists, pain organizations and the general public

The PMSIG is committed to advancing physical therapy to optimize the ability of people with pain conditions to heal and live fully through knowledge, self-awareness and movement.


Governing Board: President, Vice President/Education Chair, and Section Board of Directors’ Liaison.
Elected Committees: Nominating, which consists of the Chair and 2 members, elected to three year terms by the PMSIG membership.
Standing Committees: Research Chair and Committee; Practice Chair and Committee, appointed to three year terms, appointed by the PMSIG Governing Board.


The PMSIG holds a membership meeting annually at the APTA Combined Sections 13 Meeting. Teleconference calls will be held twice per year and additional teleconferences as needed.


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