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Musculoskeletal Sonography of the Lower Limb Focused in Sport & Performing Arts

Musculoskeletal Sonography of the Lower Limb Focused in Sport & Performing Arts
Tuesday & Wednesday, January 22 - 23, 2019


This two day hands-on course will provide an introduction to the use of diagnostic ultrasound, evaluation of the lower limb, and sonoappearance of lower limb pathology with specific consideration to the sports and performing arts population. Day one content will be suitable for those with no ultrasound experience, or as a revision for intermediate users. Day two will discuss in depth musculotendinous and bony pathologies and their sonoanatomy, as it pertains to the hip, foot, and ankle. Attendees will learn how to integrate the information obtained through musculoskeletal sonography to enhance their clinical examination and overall improved patient satisfaction and outcomes. At the completion of this course attendees will demonstrate an understanding of the use of diagnostic ultrasound in a clinical Physical Therapy setting, including a basic knowledge of lower limb ultrasound evaluation, and a comprehensive understanding of the sonoappearance and examination of musculotendinous and bony lower limb pathologies.


Scott Epsley, Marika Molnar, Megan Poll, Douglas White

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the basic fundamentals of ultrasound physics, proper transducer manipulation, and obtainment of images.
  • Identify normal and variant ultrasound imaging of lower limb musculoskeletal anatomy.
  • Perform a comprehensive sonographic examination of the hip, knee, foot, and ankle.
  • Understand the variants in hip and foot/ankle pathologies commonly seen in the athlete and performing arts population.

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