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CSM 2020
AOPT Thursday Platform Presentations

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Block # Time Title Presenting Author

Platform Block I

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8:00 AM Supraspinatus Shear Wave Speed As a Predictor of Tear Chronicity and Pre-Operative Shoulder Function Rebekah L. Lawrence, PT, PhD
8:15 AM Does Spinal Manipulation Therapy Target Central Drivers of Pain in Individuals with Subacromial Impingement Syndrome? Amy Hegarty, PhD
8:30 AM Development of a Clinical Practice Guideline for Adults and Workers with Rotator Cuff Disorders Simon Lafrance, PT, MSPT
8:45 AM Timing of Rehabilitation Following Rotator Cuff Repair: A Cost-Utility Analysis Kate Minick, PT, DPT, PhD
9:00 AM Influence of Clinical Findings on Physical Therapist Diagnosis of Shoulder Instability Constantine P. Nicolozakes
9:15 AM Measurement Properties of the Timed Functional Arm and Shoulder Test in Patients with Shoulder Problems Daniel Wingate Safford, PT, DPT
9:30 AM Diagnostic Utility of Special Tests and Demographic Information for Diagnosis of Atraumatic Rotator Cuff Tears James Irrgang, PT, PhD, ATC, FAPTA
9:45 AM Repetitive Dental Hygienist Job-Related Tasks Increase the Risk of Shoulder Pain and Altered Supraspinatus Morphology Federico Pozzi, PT, PhD

Platform Block II

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11:00 AM Early Versus Delayed Physical Therapy Following an Emergency Department Visit for Low Back Pain John Shelton Magel, PT, PhD
11:15 AM Task-Based Functional Connectivity during Lumbopelvic Motor Tasks: An fMRI Study in Healthy Participants Max Jordon, PT, DPT
11:30 AM Nonspecific Effects of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment for Low Back Pain John Popovich, DPT, PhD
11:45 AM Impact of Low Back Pain Chronicity on Patient Outcomes Treated in Outpatient Physical Therapy Zachary Everett Walston, PT, DPT
12:00 PM Low Back Pain-Related Walking Impairments Are Associated with Pain Sensitivity, Movement-Evoked Pain, and Psychological Factors Katie Ann Butera, PT
12:15 PM Physical Impairment and Performance Based Low Back Pain Subgroups for Enhanced Prognostic Clinical Decision Making Jason M. Beneciuk, PT, DPT, MPH, PhD
12:30 PM A Survey of Physical Therapists’ Attitudes Regarding Diagnostic Imaging Sean Daniel Rundell, PT, DPT, PhD
12:45 PM Recommending Imaging Is a Common Role for Physical Therapists in Clinical Practice Murray Ernest Maitland, PT, PhD

Platform Block III

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3:00 PM Physical Therapy Is Associated with Reduced Opioid Utilization in People with Knee Osteoarthritis Deepak Kumar, PT, PhD
3:15 PM Will the Promis Self-Efficacy Scale Assist Providers in Making Clinical Decisions? Daniel Chang Yun Kang, PT, DPT
3:30 PM Survey of Wisconsin Physical Therapist Radiograph Ordering Behaviors and Implementation: A Mixed-Methods Approach Evan Othmer Nelson, PT, DPT
3:45 PM Do Interventions and Recommendations Provided By Physiotherapists and Physicians in the Emergency Department Differ? Rose Gagnon, PT, MPT
4:00 PM Lower Rates of Opioid Prescription with Increased Referral to PT By Physicians Who Treat Lbp Stephen J. Hunter, PT, DPT
4:15 PM Scoring Method of Ospro-Yf Tool Does Not Change Prediction of Pain Reduction at 12 Months Maggie Elizabeth Horn, PT, DPT, PhD
4:30 PM Interrater Reliability of a Novel Treatment Fidelity Tool Examining Guideline Adherence of Physical Therapists Alexandra Zigmont, PT
4:45 PM Evaluation of Guideline Adherent Education for Therapists Seeing Patients in an Optimized Early PT Pathway Thomas Denninger, PT, DPT

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