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CSM 2019 Platform Presentations
Thursday, January 24, 2019

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Block # Time Title Presenting Author

Platform Block I

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8:00 AM A Descriptive Analyses of a Staged Algorithm for Rehabilitation in Patients seeking Direct Access to Physical Therapy For Shoulder Disorders Chandler Gordon, PT, DPT
8:15 AM Differentiating symptom irritability classification levels with three patient-reported outcome instruments Stephen Kareha, PT, DPT, ATC
8:30 AM Supraspinatus stress and strain across arm elevation Paula Ludewig, PT, PhD, FAPTA
8:45 AM Kinematic Mechanisms of Scapulothoracic Upward Rotation Rebekah Lawrence, PT, DPT
9:00 AM Kinematics of Shoulder, Trunk, Pelvis and Hip While Reaching Forward to Progressively Distant Targets Bradley Myers, PT, DPT, DSc
9:15 AM A Study of the Accuracy of Physical Therapists Palpating the Long Head of the Biceps Tendon Amy McDevitt, PT, DPT & Rebecca Kretschmer, SPT 
9:30 AM Scapular Movement Impairments in Individuals with Subacromial Pain Syndrome Based on Scapular Assistance Test and Scapula Reposition Test Outcomes Jason Grimes, PT, DPT, ATC, PhD
9:45 AM Functional recovery of patients with full thickness rotator cuff tears discharged from physical therapy Federico Pozzi, PT, MA, PhD

Platform Block II

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11:00 AM Changes in clinician attitudes, beliefs, and confidence about low back pain management: results from TARGET Trial Psychologically Informed Physical Therapy training course Jason Beneciuk, PT, MPH, PhD
11:15 AM Psychologically Informed Physical Therapy for Patients Following Lumbar Spine Surgery: A Randomized Clinical Trial Kristin Archer, PT, DPT, PhD
11:30 AM Associations between Trunk Muscle Function, Physical Performance, and Community Participation in Adults with Lower-Limb Amputation: A Preliminary Data Analysis. Emma Beisheim, PT, DPT
11:45 AM Short and Long term Effects of Skill Training vs. Strength and Flexibility Exercise on Knee, Hip, and Lumbar Spine Kinematics in People with Chronic Low Back Pain Quenten Hooker, MS
12:00 PM Prognostic and Moderating Role of Resilience and Risk Factors in Patients Receiving a Cognitive-Behavioral Based Physical Therapy Intervention After Lumbar Spine Surgery Rogelio Coronado, PT, PhD
12:15 PM Fear-Beliefs and Low Back Pain-Related Disability Help Explain Immediate Response to Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation in Adults with Low Back Pain Jaclyn Sions, PT, PhD
12:30 PM Severity of Low Back Pain-Related Disability in Individuals with Non-Arthritic Hip Disease Stephanie Di Stasi, PT, PhD
12:45 PM Hip Strength Predicts Function among Adults with Chronic Low Back Pain with and without Hip Pain Abdulmohsen Alroumi, MSc

Platform Block III

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3:00 PM Associations between Frequency and Timing of Interim Patient-Report Outcome Measures and Functional Status at Discharge from Physical Therapy for Common Musculoskeletal Impairments Mark Werneke, PT, MSc
3:15 PM Patient Centered Outcomes: Domain Importance Predicts Health Care Utilization following Physical Therapy Trevor Lentz, PT, MPH, PhD
3:30 PM A pilot study of patient defined outcomes for seeking additional health care after an episode of physical therapy. Giorgio Zeppieri, PT
3:45 PM Association of comorbidity with rehabilitation use in older adults with back pain Sean Rundell, PT, DPT, PhD
4:00 PM Factors Influencing Patient Use of Self-Referral to Physical Therapy: A Qualitative Approach Noor Alshareef, PhD
4:15 PM Prediction of cancellations to enhance care delivery for musculoskeletal conditions: a preliminary analysis  Adam Lutz, PT, DPT
4:30 PM The relationship between healthcare utilization and changes in self-reported pain and disability. Is more better? Derek Clewley, PT, PhD
4:45 PM Process Compliance with the Low Back Pain Treatment-Based Classification System: A Quality Improvement Initiative Kate Minick, PT, DPT

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