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28.10 Patient Educational Resources for the Spine Patient


This monograph was specifically developed and written for the clinician to dispense in the form of consumer-friendly pamphlets. The works are organized into 4 major categories pertinent to patients suffering from a low back disorder. The categories are sleep, specific tasks, ergonomics, and self-care. Each pamphlet was specifically designed to be easy to read and written so consumers can easily comprehend the topics and have confidence that the information is credible and supported by research.

The sleep titles address posture and movements as well as selecting mattresses and pillows. The specific task category covers an array of topics that target how to avoid pain during every day activities. These include recreational activities (graded exercise) postural considerations with childcare and also ways to reduce pain when working in the kitchen. The section on ergonomics breaks movements down into sitting, standing, walking, and lifting as well as driving, occupational demands, and shoveling. The fourth category of self-care educates the consumer on methods that are commonly used and effective for self-managing low back pain. Topics address abdominal bracing, nerve gliding exercises, thermal agents, and the use of braces. The companion monograph was written exclusively for the clinician and offers summaries of the current literature and an abundant amount of reference citations to support the information advocated in each pamphlet. This “dual resource” approach offers the consumer and practitioner resources that bridge the gap between the science of care and the practical application required in the clinical setting.

This work is unique as it couples evidence-based information for clinicians and also provides their patients with valuable information that is factual and pertinent to their movement concerns. .


  • Patient Educational Resources for the Spine Patient
    W. Gregory Seymour, PT, DPT, OCS; J. Megan Sions, DPT, PhD, OCS; Michael Palmer, PT, DPT, OCS; Tara Jo Manal, PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, FAPTA
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