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2017 Annual Orthopaedic Section Meeting
Saturday Breakout Session Details

Following the general session on Saturday, four concurrent breakout sessions will be offered. The registrant will attend three out of four breakout sessions following the morning general session, based on order of preference indicated on the registration form. Note: space is limited, and therefore the attendee’s breakout session assignments will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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Breakout Session #5: Practice Linking Video-based Motion Analysis with Clinical Cases of Injured Runners
Speaker: Jeff Houck, PT, PhD
Description: Video based motion analysis is the preferred method for assessing movement especially during high speed tasks like running. This session will provide practice using published variables from video based running analyses that link with 3D biomechanical analysis. Participants will evaluate videos of injured runners with a mentor, identifying specific training issues. The subsequent clinical discussion will center around which training issues are more or less likely to be associated with injury (Achilles Tendinopathy, knee pain, and leg pain). Participants are expected to be able to apply video based running analysis, consistent with 3D biomechanical analysis, for assessment and training at the completion of the session.

Breakout Session #6: Differential Diagnosis and Special Tests for Diagnosing Shoulder Pain
Speaker: Lori Michener, PT, PhD, ATC, SCS, FAPTA
Description: Diagnostic labels are needed to classify patients, in order to drive clinical decision-making. Much work has been published regarding diagnostic accuracy of history and physical examination tests to diagnose patients with shoulder disorders. However, the pathoanatomic model may not provide diagnostic categories that completely enable treatment decision-making for rehabilitation. This hands-on case-based break-out session will focus on the diagnosis via history and special tests for a pathoanatomic diagnosis, and classification guidelines for the rehabilitation. Rehabilitation classification will include the use of impairments and irritability status as described in the Staged Approach for Rehabilitation for Shoulder Disorders in PTJ May 2015.

Breakout Session #7: Manual Therapy for Pain and Limited Motion: Non-surgical and Post-surgical Considerations and Techniques for Rotator Cuff Related Disorders and Instability
Speaker: Amee Seitz, PT, PhD, DPT, OCS
Description: This breakout session will focus on the manual physical therapy examination and treatment of shoulder pain and mobility impairments. The session will integrate cases that will be used to illustrate the clinical decision making to identify the relevant mobility impairments. Manual therapy techniques to address hypomobility of the shoulder complex (thrust/non-thrust manipulation and soft tissue techniques) will be practiced in the context of both non-operative and post-operative treatment patient cases. Decision-making relevant to optimal time frames for manual therapy techniques in post-operative cases will also be discussed.

Breakout Session #8: Functional Exercise Progression and Criterion Based Return To Sport for the Athletic Shoulder
Speaker: Charles Thigpen, PT, PhD, ATC
Description: Exercise is the hallmark of an effective shoulder rehabilitation approach that is optimized by appropriate dosing and progression. This hands-on session will focus on the principles of appropriately dosing and implementing rotator cuff, scapular, and kinetic chain exercise progressions across the continuum from early to late phases of athletic shoulder rehabilitation. Considerations for pathology(instability, rotator cuff), post-operative, and sport type will be discussed. Selection, serial testing and associated clinical determinants for return to sport criteria will be detailed.

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