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The purpose of the Orthopaedic Section’s Membership Committee is to provide for consistent growth in membership through recruitment of non-members, retention of current members, and development of leaders within the Orthopaedic Section. In doing so, the committee will ensure it meets the objectives as stated by the Orthopaedic Section Strategic Plan.


  1. Demonstrate a positive growth in membership.
  2. Promote diversity in Section membership actively recruiting minority members of the APTA to join the Section and to serve on the Section’s Board of Directors, standing committees and task forces.
  3. Recruit and guide individuals willing to accept leadership positions within the Section.
  4. Periodically survey the Section membership regarding their needs and priorities for the Section.
  5. Maintain collaboration with APTA and other components, including Sections and Chapters regarding membership issues. Mentor fellow Section Members into roles on the Membership Committee and other Section committees.

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