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Single Monographs

Have you ever looked at the full content of one of our courses and thought I am just interested in one or two of the listed topics but not the entire set? Then this new offering is just for you! This set now offers the ability to purchase single monographs and is available in ONLINE format only.

Pharmacology plays a significant role in administering physical therapy to a patient. Clinicians must be aware of not only what medications patients are taking but also the impact these drugs have on the neuromusculoskeletal system. This series covers the most common knowledge needed to effectively understand issues for common cardiovascular conditions, diabetes mellitus, and the management of pain. There are two unique aspects in this series. The first is a re-issue of a popular and previously offered monograph (bonus) that reviews the principles of pharmacotherapeutics. This monograph serves as an introduction for those readers who may not be familiar with pharmacotherapeutics or can serve as a comprehensive review for those who have a previous education on the topic. The second is an audio-based PowerPoint presentation that adds a dynamic element to the coverage of pharmacology and pain management. Dr. Tinsley’s oral presentation and excellent slide presentation will engage the listener and allow her to share her enthusiastic conversational style. Case study presentations are included to reinforce the didactic material.

Simply click to the left on the individual monograph links to view additional details and to order!

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