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Pain is real for your patients. Don't you want to be up to date and know as much as you can to help patients return to a painfree life?

In response to the National Campaign to Combat Opioid Abuse and to provide physical therapists with cutting edge information on Pain, we have compiled Read2Learn CEU exams based on Dr Kathleen Sluka's popular text, Mechanism and Management of Pain for the Physical Therapist, 2nd ed (2016), published by Wolters Kluwer (ISBN: 9781496343239). The book can be purchased through any book provider.

Testing Options

All you need to do is read the book and select the online exam option you would like to take.  Option A and Option B exams each have 25 multiple choice questions or Option C offers an exam on the entire book and is 50 questions.

  • Option A covers Sections 1 & 4, which include chapters 1-5 and 17-24
  • Option B covers Sections 2 & 3, which include chapters 6-13 and 14-16
  • Option C covers Sections 1 – 4, which include all book chapters

Costs for Taking the Exam

  • Orthopaedic Section members can purchase the Option A or Option B exam for $50.00 each or both (Option C) for $95.00.
  • Non-members can purchase the Option A or Option B exam for $80.00 each or both (Option C) for $150.00.

Once you submit your order, we will verify membership status, process your registration, and then send you the needed registration code via email.

NOTE:  Exam prices shown above do not include the cost of the book. 

Continuing Education Credit

  • Option A and Option B exams offer 15 contact hours each
  • Option C offers 30 contact hours

The Orthopaedic Section pursues CEU approval from the following states: Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, California, and Texas. Registrants from other states must apply to their individual State Licensure Boards for approval of continuing education credit.

Ready to Order an Exam?

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