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23.1, Orthopaedic Management of the Runner,
Cyclist, and Swimmer

Note: No CEUs offered for this course


This course provides the registrant with a strong scientific foundation and clinical perspective for treating patients who participate in running, cycling and swimming. Evidence-based content is summarized by leading researchers and clinicians who specialize in treating common injuries in these popular activities.



  1. Describe the joint kinematics and kinetics of the running gait cycle and how running is influenced by age, gender, speed, and surface.
  2. Identify biomechanical risk factors that may contribute to running injuries.
  3. Understand how to perform a systematic clinic-based video analysis of a runner’s mechanics.
  4. Describe clinical presentation and common management of patients with various common running-related injuries.
  5. Discuss the evidence regarding footwear options, and the use of foot orthoses for running injury treatment and prevention.
  6. Determine when it is appropriate to modify the running form and how to develop a return-to-running program.
  7. Identify the components and optimize adjustments of a road and triathlon bicycle.
  8. Understand key aspects of cycling kinematics and kinetics.
  9. Describe the incidence and etiology of microtraumatic and macrotraumatic injuries in cyclists.
  10. Understand signs and symptoms of compressive neuropathies associated with cyclists and propose treatment solutions.
  11. Describe the physical laws that affect swimming performance.
  12. Recognize the inherent variability in the techniques used by competitive swimmers and how athlete-specific characteristics can influence stroke mechanics.
  13. Understand the most common injuries in swimming and how they are related to mechanical factors in swimming.
  14. Apply performance factors in the evaluation of the swimmer.
  15. Identify best practices in rehabilitation for the acute and long-term management of common swimming injuries.

  • Biomechanics of Running
    Bryan Heiderscheit, PT, PhD (Subject Matter Expert: D.S. Blaise Williams, PhD, PT)
  • Evaluation and Management of Common Cycling Injuries
    Christopher R. Carcia, PhD, PT, SCS, OCS; Jason S. Scibek, PhD, ATC; and Christopher J. Seagrave, PT, SCS, ATC, CSCS (Subject Matter Expert: Jason Brayley, MD)
  • Orthopaedic Management of the Swimmer
    Amber Donaldson, DPT, MPhysio (Manip), SCS, CSCS, and Dustin Nabhan, DC, DACBSP, CSCS (Subject Matter Expert: Omar Ross, PT, ATC)
  • The Runner: Evaluation of Common Injuries and Treatment
    Bryan Heiderscheit, PT, PhD (Subject Matter Expert: Steven A. Hoffman, PT, SCS)
  • Biomechanics of Cycling
    Jeffrey P. Broker, PhD (Subject Matter Expert: Raymond Browning, PhD)
  • The Biomechanics of Swimming
    Scott A. Riewald, PhD, CSCS (Subject Matter Expert: Joel M. Stager)
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