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Physical Activity Analysis:
Bridging the Gap to Improve Outcomes and Practice Opportunities

CSM 2020 Pre-conference Course
Wednesday, February 12, 2020


Physical activity limitations are a primary driver for referral to physical therapy. Analysis of physical barriers to safe participation in home, leisure, recreation, or work activities is necessary to justify medical necessity and deliver effective physical therapist services. In this session, the speakers will describe best practices for conducting a physical activity analysis in various settings to improve functional outcomes and promote safe activity participation. Interactive case studies of practical applications will emphasize how physical activity analysis informs the selection of physical function measures to document activity restrictions and functional progress. The presenters also will discuss how analysis of physical activity demands supports the growth of other wellness, rehabilitation, and consulting services.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course you will be able to

  1. Describe industry trends and the physical therapist’s role in helping patients minimize life and work disruption resulting from new injury or illness, changes in chronic health conditions and existing disabilities, or the advance of age.
  2. Identify and describe key worker/job match terminology and scales that relate to a functional job analysis or worker fitness-for-duty assessment.
  3. Use the results from physical activity case studies to select relevant worker capacity measures to make more informed decisions regarding safe levels of physical activity participation and treatment interventions to resolve physical activity barriers.
  4. Recognize how incorporating physical activity analyses into physical therapist practice can be leveraged to create additional revenue opportunities with job analysis, ergonomic consulting, physical agility testing, post-offer employment testing, fitness-for-duty testing, advanced work rehabilitation, and functional capacity evaluations .

Steve Allison, PT, DPT:
Dr. Allison is the chief executive officer of Functional Capacity Experts, LLC and Disability Management Group, LLC. Dr. Allison is a doctor of physical therapy and service disabled Gulf War U.S. Army Veteran. He has been licensed to practice physical therapy by the Louisiana Board of Physical Therapy since 1993. Dr. Allison is a board certified orthopedic physical therapist (ABPTS), board certified disability analyst (ABDA), certified DOT medical examiner (NRCME), and a board certified vocational expert (pending exam - ABVE). Dr. Allison is a recognized in various court jurisdictions as an expert in FCEs, orthopedic physical therapy, and job analysis.

Rick Wickstrom, PT, DPT, CPE:
Rick Wickstrom, PT, DPT, CPE is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Professional Ergonomist, and Certified Health Coach. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from the Ohio State University and completed Ph.D. coursework in Occupational Ergonomics at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. As President and owner of WorkAbility Systems and WorkerFIT, Dr. Wickstrom has consulted in occupational health and ergonomics for over 30 years. He has published many articles and technical papers related to functional capacity evaluation, work disability prevention and ergonomics. Dr. Wickstrom serves as an expert witness on matters concerning the extent of physical disability, fitness-forduty or job accommodation. His diverse clinical practice includes transitional work-site therapy, functional capacity evaluation, worker accommodation studies, ergonomic job analysis, development of worker fitness screening and transitional work programs, systems development, research, and training. He has invented several products, including the patented Physical Agility Tester, WorkerFIT software, ExamFIT software, Total-Body Dexterity Tester, Ergo-Totes Set and WorkAbility Rate of Manipulation Test. Dr. Wickstrom has dedicated his career to preparing employers and occupational health professionals with skills and tools needed to assess job demands, evaluate worker fitness-for-duty, resolve worker performance barriers, and promote lifestyle behavior changes for physical wellness. He currently serves as President of the Occupational Health Special Interest Group in the Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy of the American Physical Therapy Association.

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