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Saturday General Session Details

Saturday will begin with a general session, followed by breakout sessions, and an interactive session and panel discussion to end the day. This year, attendees will have the opportunity to attend all breakout sessions!

Saturday, April 4, 2020

General Session Title: Trouble with Reaching? Differential Diagnosis and Management of the Relevant Physical Impairments
  • Description: In this general session we will review integrated upper quarter kinesia and dyskinesia (movement deviations) as related to development or outcome of common clinical tissue pathologies such as rotator cuff pathology, nerve injuries, and pain syndromes. The session will incorporate current evidence regarding relationships between impairments, movement deviations, and tissue pathologies. In particular, the most common peripheral nerve injury and/or nerve entrapments of the neck and shoulder region, and common historical presentation and clinical findings of those different injuries / entrapments will be presented. Emphasis will be on incorporating diagnostic findings and clinical reasoning strategies to rule in or out the most relevant movement system / physical impairments that can be used to direct optimal interventions.
  • Speakers:  Joseph Godges, DPT, MA, OCS, Paula Ludewig, PhD, PT, FAPTA, and LTC James T. Mills, III, PT, MS, ECS
  • ​Key topics addressed:
    • Differentiating normal versus aberrant movement patterns in the neck, thorax, scapula, and shoulder and relevance of abnormal motion to common musculoskeletal pain syndromes
    • Integrating understanding of movement system impairments and associated tissue pathologies
    • Common peripheral nerve injury and/or nerve entrapment of the neck and shoulder region along with the common historical presentation and clinical findings of those conditions
    • Neurological examination findings (sensation, muscle performance, muscle stretch reflexes , special tests) that would increase or decrease the suspicion of nerve injury/entrapment
    • EMG/NCS examinations and findings that verify or refute the involvement of neural tissue and suspected entrapment site
    • Common referred pain patterns of the cervical, thoracic, and ribs related to reports of pain with reaching
    • Common upper limb nerve tension patterns related to problems with reaching
    • Physical examination procedures to rule in or rule out referred pain or radiating pain and the related mobility of the neural elements as relevant impairments
    • Physical examination procedures to rule in or rule out glenohumeral mobility, movement coordination, and muscle power as relevant impairments


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