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A Great Meeting in Baltimore!

Recently, the Orthopaedic Section hosted the 6th Annual Meeting at the beautiful Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace hotel. The overall theme was merging pain science with movement science in the treatment of chronic pain problems. On both days, the format of the meeting started with a 2-1/2 hour general session, followed a series of 90 minute breakout sessions. New this year was a panel discussion at the end of both days dedicated to the discussion and integration of the content delivered at the course.

On the first day, the general session featured pain experts such as Kathleen Sluka, who spoke about mechanisms of pain; Steve George who discussed psychologically informed practice; and Stephen Wegener who presented on patient engagement skills. Each of the speakers and their lab instructors (including Jason Beneciuk, Tara Jo Manal, and Carolyn McManus) went into more details regarding the "how to" skills acquisition during their respective breakout sessions.

On the second day, the general session featured movement experts such as Skulpan Asavasopon, who discussed cognitive-biomechanical approach to knee and low back pain by focusing on hip movement impairment; Linda Van Dillen, who spoke about motor skill training to improve long term outcomes for low back pain; Marcie Harris Hayes who presented on the intra-articular pre-arthritic hip disorder relationship with movement system impairments; and Phil McClure who gave a talk on shoulder pain classification and its relationships to pain and movement. Similar to Day 1, the Day 2 speakers and their lab instructors (including Jason Tonley, Nancy Bloom, Vanessa Lanier, and Brian Eckenrode) went into more details regarding the "how to" skills acquisition during their respective breakout sessions.

Many participants (including many experts, seasoned clinicians as well as early career clinicians) who have been attending these annual meetings commented on why this is now their "go-to" conference due to the intimate setting whereby attendees can interact with experts face-to-face to learn clinical pearls and practical nuances for application of cutting edge research findings. These personal interactions bring the evidence alive and allow easy application when returning to the clinic.

Plan Ahead for 2019!

We are excited to announce that next year, the meeting will occur on April 5-6, 2019 at the Omni Interlocken Resort in Denver, Colorado. The theme will be “Performance Enhancement Across the Lifespan. Put it on your calendar now.

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