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Our meeting began on Thursday evening with a keynote address followed by a welcome reception. The focus on Friday and Saturday was on current topics related to the knee, foot, ankle, and shoulder regions. Each day began with a general session followed by smaller concurrent breakout sessions. Each of the speakers in the general sessions lead a breakout session intended to allow case-based, advanced application and hands-on experiences related to the topics presented earlier.

Regarding the lower extremity, registrants learned about current evidence, examination, and treatment of individuals with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, articular cartilage lesions of the knee, forefoot pain, flat foot deformity, posterior tibialis, and Achilles tendinopathy. A special emphasis will be placed on the implication of these pain problems for walking and running. Regarding the shoulder, registrants learned about current evidence, examination, classification, and treatment for a variety of disorders described in the Shoulder Pain Clinical Practice Guidelines and return-to-sport rehabilitation following a shoulder injury.

Finally, a new "Rise and Learn" optional session was offered during breakfast. Using total knee arthroplasty rehabilitation as a model, the speakers highlighted key elements in a care process improvement project designed to improve outcomes for patients.

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